I can think of at least two separate occasions this past month where I consciously had to make the choice to move forward in the face of difficulty, remain where I was or to go backwards.  On both occasions, as I consciously thought about the choices before me – there was no doubt in my mind that remaining or moving backwards were not for consideration, but ploughing through despite the unknown and questions of what lies ahead.

Fear of the unknown or even fear of failure is something we all face – whether it is learning a new skill, giving an important speech or working through relational difficulty.  But I believe the breakthrough lies in having the courage to face off and lean into whatever difficulty is before us.  We can only taste the sweetness of victory if we are prepared to walk through and slay the giant.  In the words of a great statesman and the father of our nation Mr. Nelson Mandela “the greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.”

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Proudly South African

On the 17th February we met the criteria for accreditation as a Proudly South African company.  This means our products satisfied the standards in terms of 1) local content 2) high quality/services 3) fair labour practice and 4) environmental standards in production processes.  Although we are proud to have reached this milestone, and going forwards our products will carry the Proudly South African logo, we are committed to continuous improvement and excellence.

Part of the Proudly South African Mandate is the hosting of the annual “Buy Local Summit” – which was on the 30th March at the Sandton Convention Centre.  It was good to hear the support coming from government, parastatals and the private sector on supporting the local economy and how this creates jobs and sustainable economic growth.  It is a message that resonates close to our hearts and is part of our mission and vision as a company.  Although we are proud of our South African roots, we believe that Africa and the world are opening up to us now.

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Mothers Day Gifts

On the 8th of May we celebrate Mothers Day.  There is nothing like a mothers love and endless ways to say thank you to the women who have shaped our lives in so many special ways.  Why not treat her to a special picnic, beautiful contemporary handcrafted jewellery sets or some home décor products.   To view our entire range, visit our online shop,  Facebook or Instagram page.

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Till next month,

Goodbye, Salani Kahle & Totsiens,

Nomaswazi Tinus
Founder & Director
African Mamas Crafts