What better way to start off the year than with a note of thanks paying tribute to you as our customer for the critical role you played in sustaining and keeping us going in 2020.  Without your support and ongoing engagement through our different online channels we would not have continued to function as we have so far.  So, as we kick-off the year, we do so with an attitude of gratitude and an acknowledgement of how critical you as our customer are in our journey.  The conversations we had with some of you were crucial in helping us navigate through some choppy waters.

Lessons from a tough year

This got me thinking about the crucial conversations and dialogue I am having with myself i.e. my inner voice, my team as well as family and friends. I am learning that focusing too much on external circumstances and things beyond my control can be distracting.  Instead, we have chosen to focus on what’s in our hands – building up on the foundation of what we’ve learnt, and the momentum achieved last year.

The Top 3 lessons we learnt in 2020 were:

  • Do something (take small steps) everyday to keep moving forward.
  • Adapt quickly and learn as you go (done is better than perfect).
  • People still want personal contact (a phone call, message or word of encouragement and support goes a long way).

2021 is the year we will all have to prioritize our health, well-being and preservation of life.  This includes spiritual health, mental and emotional health, physical as well as financial health.

With that in mind, I wish you good health and a blessed 2021.

Till next month,

Nomaswazi Tinus
Founder & Director
African Mamas Crafts

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