Last month as we celebrated Women’s Month it was such a beautiful and powerful reminder that as women – mothers, sisters, daughters, wives – we have inherited a legacy.  One of standing together in support of each other against injustice and oppression.  This is true for all women, but especially so for us as South Africans as we remember the legacy of the women of 1956.  May we never forget that true greatness comes with great responsibility.

This month as we look forward to Heritage Month, we reflect on what makes us a great nation.  In the last few months I am sure, we have all had opportunity to reflect on our differences and diversity – whether it is age, race, language, sport, culture or wealth.  In all of these, there is always the opportunity to focus on what separates and divides us – rather than what unites and pulls us together.  We do well to remember that there is more that unites than that which divides us.  It is time that we truly embraced our identity as a rainbow nation – knowing that it is the unique combination of colours in a rainbow that gives it its beauty.

Colours For a Rainbow Nation

My friend Brenda, pictured with me below (top and bottom left) – loves the rich colours of our traditional African jewellery and couldn’t resist the opportunity to showcase some of our items for Heritage Month.  To view more, visit our online store at

unnamed (1)

Spring has Sprung

The winter is past, flowers are springing up – and soon the outdoors will be calling.  Whether you are planning a braai or picnic, attending a wedding or special occasion – we have a wide selection of jewellery and gift items to choose from.  Visit our website at to preview new colour ranges for Spring/Summer 2016.


Happy Heritage Month!

Let’s embrace and celebrate our diversity as a nation and leave behind a legacy of unity and beauty for our children.

Till next month,

Goodbye, Salani Kahle & Totsiens,

Nomaswazi Tinus
Founder & Director
African Mamas Crafts

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